Nintendo Direct Announced For Tomorrow, Will Focus on Switch and 3DS Games


nintendo new logo

So, out of nowhere – although that shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, given that that’s how these things usually go – Nintendo announced a new Nintendo Direct webcast for tomorrow, at 5pm EST/4pm CT/2pm PT.

The new Nintendo Direct will focus on Nintendo Switch and 3DS games, with Mario Tennis Aces being the flagship title for this broadcast. The episode itself is slated to be about 30 minutes long; we can probably expect some new announcements at this one, since this is the first major Nintendo Direct broadcast since September– the vaunted Nintendo Direct in January was only a Mini.

As for what we can expect from this new one- I think Mario Tennis is obviously a good guess. That apart, I think we are long overdue for Fire Emblem, plus some additional third party games such as Wolfenstein 2, and maybe the long rumored South Park and Diablo 3. I also think we might see the announcement of Animal Crossing or Smash– but that’s more wishful thinking at this point than anything.