New Final Fantasy 15 PC Patch Fixes Summon Framerate Problem


final-fantasy xv Royal Edition

Square Enix is treating the PC platform right with Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition. While it would have been probably expected for them to release a port of the Xbox One X version with some scaleable visual features and call it a day, they went for mod support and further enhanced visuals. Now, they’re staying on top of post launch support with the first patch to fix a major issue.

The main function of this patch is to fix the framerate tanking every time the player summons an astral. Previously players would have to save and reload the game to fix the issue, so Square Enix staying on top of things is great to see.

Nothing has yet been done about the loading times seen on the PC version, which have a lot to do with how often the game calls SteamAPI during play, according to the modder that fixed those with SpecialK. The patch should download next time you load up Steam, Origin, or the Windows Store. Are you enjoying Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition? Let us know in the comments.