Microsoft Confirms E3 Plans, Will Have Largest Show Space In Its History Ever This Year


Xbox One Logo

Some weeks ago, when preliminary floor plans for E3 leaked, it looked like Microsoft’s place on the show floor would be minuscule, prompting concerns that the company would have only a customarily token presence at the trade show at best. Microsoft responded by saying they had some big plans; but until yesterday’s announcement of a trade show for June 10 at 4PM ET, we didn’t really hear much more.

Now, we know exactly what they meant when they said they have big plans- you see, Microsoft won’t have much space on the showfloor because they have booked an entire theater as their showfloow- the Microsoft Theater (right across the road from the E3 showfloor) will not only host Xbox’s E3 show this year, but also various Xbox FanFest activities, hands-on gameplay and demos for all E3 attendees and more.

Not only that, but Microsoft will have some space on the showfloor at E3 this year as Mixer, wherein they will allow attendees to use Microsoft’s streaming service to key in to the goings-on at the Microsoft theater.

It sounds like they have some nice, good, big plans- hopefully, they back up their massive show space with some great announcements too, this year.

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