Mario Tennis Aces Launches June 22, Gets New Video Detailing Gameplay


Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo promised that the highlight of the new Nintendo Direct presentation would be Mario Tennis Aces, and they didn’t lie- they did spend quite a bit of time on it in the new video, showing off gameplay (including multiple different power ups and perks), control options (including motion controls and gyro), game modes (including a classic mode where you can turn off all the additional power ups and just play regular tennis), and online functionality (including a tournament mode with matchmaking).

They also confirmed that the game will be getting an online tournament for players to play before the game launches- so basically a beta for you to take the game for a spin for yourself and see if it is something that appeals to you.

As for when it is launching- well, we have a release date for that as well. Mario Tennis Aces launches exclusively on the Nintendo Switch on January 22.